Longevity Coaching® = Optimal Medical and Disease Management + Financial Planning + Diet not Dieting + Supplements and Hormones + Exercise + Dis-Stress Reduction + Spirituality

Optimal Medical and Disease Management:

We are born with 23 pairs of chromosomes that encode for our human potential. Half of each pair came from your biological mother, the other half from your biological father. Which genes are expressed, which genes are suppressed…depends. The genes that code for diseases are being discovered daily. But like a computer program that just sits, dormant on your computer until you open it, that disease gene may never be activated, or, then again, maybe it already has, but isn’t expressed yet.

J. Craig Venter decoded his own genome. James D. Watson had his genome decoded as a birthday present. In the not too distant future, you will have that opportunity, depending on your ability to pay for it. Currently, as of spring 2010, the cost is about $25,000 if you bargain well.

Until you get your genome decoded, your genetic potential is best decoded through your ancestors. What diseases did your grandparents/parents/siblings have? Which do you have? Which ones will openly express themselves unless you pre-treat or prevent?

Medicine in the West, is powerful, increasingly scientific and factual based, and increasingly impersonal. Impersonal is good if it is objective. Impersonal is bad if it ignores individuality. Perhaps as little as 40% of all medical interventions are based on solid scientific evidence, some would say less. And with the explosion in medical information, with millions of articles and books published every year, who is keeping up? So instead of generalists, we all see specialists. If your chest hurts - see a Cardiologist. If your abdomen hurts - see a Gastroenterologist. If your brain hurts, you’ve been watching too many old Monty Python reruns….seriously, who is coordinating all the specialists? Someone needs to look at YOU, not just your heart or just your stomach or just your brain and synthesize the information into knowledge. And take the knowledge and create wisdom.

Do you know if the advice your physician is giving you is personalized, or are you just the 10:15 appointment in Room #3? Is anyone looking at what is being recommended is best for you, based on your predispositions to disease? Again, is anyone coordinating the specialists? Has anyone even looked at potential drug interactions or did they leave it to your pharmacy? Does your pharmacy know which supplements you are taking, like St. John’s Wort that affects cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A4 monooxygenase and therefore the oxidative metabolism of >50% of the prescription drugs we take?

I am not cynical about modern allopathic medicine. I continue to practice clinical Emergency Medicine. I know what I do, does make a difference. Even in my lifetime I have seen progress that would have seemed like miracles or magic when I first entered medical school. However, Optimal Medical and Disease Management should be the basis for a solid longevity program, the foundation for all that follows. It is just the first dimension of longevity, but a critical first step.


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