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Diet not Dieting

One of the few advantages of being obese when I was young, was that I understand the distorted sense of body image. You always think of yourself as “fat”.

The other advantage is that I have had personal experience with most of the more scientifically based diets, especially the degree of effort required to follow them. But the First Law of Thermodynamics, as far as known, always wins in the end. Briefly stated, energy is neither created nor destroyed. So the energy you eat is either utilized or else, in the end, it is stored. Perhaps, in the rear end...

It is important to realize that dieting works. Any time you can take in fewer calories than you burn, weight loss will occur. Some calories are metabolized slightly more efficiently than others, but in the end, yes that end, it is a case of metabolizing more or ingesting less. The final common pathway of most diets is that if the diet is boring enough you will ingest fewer calories.

In the next section we look at metabolizing more, but here, we look at ingesting less. Glycemic index, more importantly glycemic load is a thinking persons concept to help you understand just what is it you are actually eating, and how your body will handle it. I will say up front that I am more concerned about high glycemic load foods than fats. Current research, especially into the role of food and degenerative diseases seems to point to “white carbos” (white carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, noodles, rice, sugar-especially high fructose corn syrup, cookies, cake, etc.) as being linked to many of the most debilitating problems that either prevent us from living longer or better. One good rule of thumb, the less white carbos the better.

If your goal is to live better, then your diet must be edible. We all know that if we ate cardboard, or cut out any foods with taste, the pounds would melt right off. And whether you actually lived longer, it would certainly seem longer without any “comfort foods” to eat. Here, as in other aspects of Longevity Coaching, individualization is everything. What do you like to eat? Why do you eat? What are proven strategies to change your lifelong eating patterns towards health and away from disease?

Final thought, mom was right, eat your vegetables. At least 5 colours a day. 6 is better, 7, even better yet. And yes, organically grown vegetables have more nutrients than genetically engineered vegetables, maybe something to do with having to work harder to avoid pests and tolerate stress. Sounds like us, right?



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