Longevity Coaching® = Optimal Medical and Disease Management + Financial Planning + Diet not Dieting + Supplements and Hormones + Exercise + Dis-Stress Reduction + Spirituality


Spirituality includes religion, but it doesn’t have to.

Increasingly, as I work with my ER patients to effect change, I am impressed by the ability of the mental to modify the physical. Sometimes it seems like the most important intervention in the ER is when I give people permission to heal. I try to move them from the diseased model (I am diseased therefore I’m stuck with this problem for the rest of my life) to the ill model (my body is not working right at this time but with patience it will heal) by giving them optimism based on the best medical information and knowledge I have at the time that they will get better.

Dean Ornish, whose approach to healing and health has been shown to reverse heart disease, talks about “Opening Your Heart”. While there are physical components to his program, it is his spiritual component that I want to emphasize. Opening your heart to yourself, to those around you, and to the universe is a big, big concept. The biggest concept I have discussed so far. And the concept with the biggest potential to significantly improve your longevity.

Napoleon Hill in 1937 publicized the concept of changing your life by changing your thoughts. He wrote one of the first popular self-help books in Western literature, “Think and Grow Rich”. This later grew into Norman Vincent van Peale’s 1952 classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

Ayurveda and other Eastern philosophies have echoed this belief for millennia. And for Christians, there is the power of prayer. This concept, again, of changing your life by changing your thoughts, forms the basis for most inspirational literature that is on the shelves today.

As I follow my path in life, I seem to see fewer coincidences. Is there a purpose? Can you create a purpose? How about making someone’s life better? Very few have had the privilege that we physicians enjoy in being able to make a difference in individual lives, and get the feedback to know that it has happened.

My observation is that making a difference is one of the few areas of human behavior where there is virtually no controversy. I cannot remember meeting anyone who claimed that to help other persons in need is a bad thing. In fact, we reserve our most respect as a society for those who devote themselves to helping others whether it is entire professions such as nurses, fire fighters and paramedics, or individuals such as Mother Teresa.

Are you making a difference in someone’s life? Do they know it? Do you allow yourself to acknowledge this fact? Can you bask in the glow of making a difference?

Can your forgive others? Can you forgive yourself? Can you just “be”? Can you quiet the “monkey chatter” of your brain? It is in the stillness of being centered that we refuel, recharge, renew….

Alfred Nobel is said to have created the Nobel Prizes in response to his reading his premature obituary that declared “Le marchand de la mort est mort” (The merchant of death is dead). He had a realization that if he continued the way he was going, that would be his legacy. Instead he created the Nobel Prizes.

If you were to write your own obituary today, how would it read? What will be your legacy? Have you thought of it? Do you have a purpose in life? Is there meaning in what you do on a day to day or week to week, month to month, year to year basis?

To tap into the power of the mind, it really really does help to have a healthy body. As so all the parts I have discussed so far, come together at this point.



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