Longevity Coaching® = Optimal Medical and Disease Management + Financial Planning + Diet not Dieting + Supplements and Hormones + Exercise + Dis-Stress Reduction + Spirituality

Please check back from time to time as we add articles on a frequent basis. This first synopsis is a sampling of articles with references that support our concepts.

Concept List for Longevity Coaching®
February 2009


  1. Optimal Medical and Disease Management - How to Compile Your Medical Family Tree

  2. Diet not Dieting - Pancreatic Cancer Risk and Dietary folate, B6, B12

  3. Exercise - Tai Chi and an augmented response to Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Immunity

  4. Supplements - Creighton Study Shows Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk

  5. Dis-Stress Reduction - Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full

  6. Spirituality - Darwin’s God

  7. Financial Planning - The Five Emotional Stages of Retirement: (Disclaimer: My personal financial advisor works for Ameriprise)

  8. Exceptional Longevity in Men
    Modifiable Factors Associated With Survival and Function to Age 90 Years

  9. Disentangling the Roles of Disability and Morbidity in Survival to Exceptional Old Age

  10. Adherence to a DASH-Style Diet and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke in Women

  11. Primary Prevention of Stroke by Healthy Lifestyle

  12. Dietary antioxidant flavonoids and risk of coronary heart disease: the Zutphen Elderly Study

  13. For Younger-Looking Skin: Diet Secrets

  14. Reduced Disability and Mortality Among Aging Runners
    A 21-Year Longitudinal Study

  15. Lifestyle Habits and Compression of Morbidity

  16. Combined Effect of Low-Risk Dietary and Lifestyle Behaviors in Primary Prevention of Myocardial Infarction in Women

  17. Optimal Vitamin D Status for Colorectal Cancer Prevention: A Quantitative Meta Analysis

  18. For Sustained Weight Loss, Here Are Secrets of the Formerly Fat

  19. Higher serum vitamin D concentrations are associated with longer leukocyte telomere length in women1,2,3

  20. Mediterranean Diet, Lifestyle Factors, and 10-Year Mortality in Elderly European Men and Women - The HALE Project

  21. Combined Impact of Health Behaviors and Mortality in Men and Women:
    The EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population Study

  22. World Death Rate Holding Steady At 100 Percent


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