Longevity Coaching® = Optimal Medical and Disease Management + Financial Planning + Diet not Dieting + Supplements and Hormones + Exercise + Dis-Stress Reduction + Spirituality

The business of personal coaching is exploding. There are Executive Coaches, Health Coaches, Life Coaches and Career Coaches. We are the only Longevity Coaches®.

Our first axiom of Life Coaching® is that “It’s all about you, not about me”.
We've done a lot of thinking about the difference between the advice we offer as Emergency Physicians and the advice as a Longevity Coaches®. As Emergency Physicians our role is more dogmatic, providing people with my best medical synthesis of their problem, a potential diagnosis (if one exists) or at least a list of the diagnoses that are unlikely, a potential course of action that they can follow, and the likely consequences of those actions. We explain the risks and benefits, and if we believe there is only one prudent course of action, but they do not want to follow it-patients are asked to sign out AMA (Against Medical Advice)
As a Coach, there is less right and wrong. Again, there is medical synthesis, especially with the first stage of Longevity Coaching®. But instead of being your doctor, our goal is to coordinate your doctors, and to expose you to the choices you can make and communicate to them if you decide to take your treatment in a new or different direction. Because of the higher level of involvement, and personal understanding of your limits, you may be steered away from “the best” to “the good”, if that is what would work at the time. We offer suggestions as to what is our suggested order of priorities and you choose. If you want to pick priority number 4 to work on at this time, so be it. We may continue to encourage you to look at priorities number 1, 2, and 3, but in a non-threatening non-judgmental way.
Since we are discussing many matters including your medical history, there is a need for absolute confidentiality and privacy. Rest assured that we use the same standards when working as a Longevity Coach® as when we are seeing you as a patient in the Emergency Department. However, we are not willing to be your physician. We are doing different work.
For your health issues you need a physician or physicians, especially if you require prescriptions. We do not write prescriptions. Our non-physician interaction with you precludes us from billing your insurance company or filling out claim forms. We make no claims that we are practicing medicine. We make no claims that Longevity Coaching® is just a different name for a medical practice. This is very different.
Due to the multidimensional nature of Longevity Coaching® there is always a need to prioritize the next steps. If diet needs working on, but job stress is creating a crisis situation, then diet may need to be on hold while dealing with the dis-stress takes priority. And then we get back to the diet.
When something doesn’t work, like decreasing body fat, we together look at why it didn’t work, and whether we can learn what barriers were put in place to not succeed. Sometimes the insight into why something didn’t work is more powerful than the result that would be achieved if it did work. Think of it as holding up a mirror to you to reflect back in a non-judgmental more objective fashion what just happened.
After Thomas Edison’s seven-hundredth unsuccessful attempt to invent electric light, he was allegedly asked by a New York Times reporter, “How does it feel to have failed seven hundred times?” He replied, “I have not failed seven hundred times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those seven hundred ways will not work.”
Coaches sometimes need to be cheer leaders not just coaches. To have someone consistently supporting you as you make the incremental changes you desire will more likely lead to “turning the Supertanker in a new direction”.
The coaching typically starts with an initial meeting to determine if your expectations are consistent with our deliverables. For example, if you are you looking for a Concierge Physician, then we will not be able to help, but maybe we can refer you to one.
If we agree to move forward, we would then arrange for a meeting schedule. For more details regarding the mechanics of this please see the section FAQ’s.
In the end, the unique value proposition for Longevity Coaching® is not the longevity advice, it is the coaching. Knowing is easy, doing is hard.


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